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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Climate tweets for 29 July 2014

How Bad? Climate Change Is So Bad Even Oil Companies Are Bracing for It Now:

First observations of methane release from Arctic Ocean hydrates:

'Annoying' Minor Floods Increasing on U.S. Coasts: @borenbears @AP:
[flooding, sea level]

This Huge Corporation Is Tackling Climate Change—It's a Threat to Bottom Line:
[General Mills, food, farming, agriculture]

Rising heat hits Indian wheat crop: @TheDailyClimate:
[food, farming, agriculture]

The rise of electric cars in the U.S., in 6 charts: @voxdotcom:

Act now on climate change or see costs soar, White House says: @Reuters:

Meltfactor blog: Is the climate dragon awakening?:
[science, Arctic, methane]

RT ClimateNow @ClimateNow:
ABC News: Californians Are Now Shaming Their Water-Wasting Neighbors on Social Media:

RT Forecast The Facts @ForecastFacts:
National Review just name-called @neiltyson? Time to thank him for educating us on climate:
[science, denial, Neil DeGrasse Tyson]

RT Al Gore @algore:
This fall I’ll be in Brazil training a new group of @ClimateReality Leaders. Apply today:

RT Denise Robbins @deeRobbs:
Climate change is an economic problem, as media outlets like @nbc are starting to understand:

UK House of Commons energy & climate change committee: IPCC processes and conclusions robust: 

RT Phil Plait @BadAstronomer:
The dominant species on Earth blasts huge amounts of pollution into the air. What could possibly go wrong?:
[science, paleoclimatology]

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