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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Climate tweets for 30 June 2014

RT David Spratt @djspratt:
Climate denial Australian government deletes link between extreme weather & climate change on website. That'll stop it!:

RT Truthout @truthout:
Former NASA Scientist: "We're Effectively Taking a Sledgehammer to the Climate System":

Scientists find evidence of long-term warming inside Greenland ice sheet:
[science, glaciers, sea level]

Indonesia deforestation accelerating: study: @australian

How high would carbon tax really have to be to rein in climate change?

RT ClimateNexusHotNews @ClimateHotNews:
RT @NewSecurityBeat Climate Change & Conflict in West African Cities: Early Warning Signs in Lagos and Accra

GOP Candidate: Climate Science ‘Greatest Deception In History Of Mankind’:
[denial, Republicans, Lenar Whitney, Louisiana]

Global warming makes drought come on earlier, faster, and harder: @guardian
[science, water, food, farming, agriculture]

Unitarians Go Fossil Free!: @350
[faith, investing, divestment]

What a trip! Lobbying for @CitizensClimate on Capitol Hill:
[Citizens' Climate Lobby]

RT ClimateCommunication @ClimateComms:
Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Rubin on climate change: “The risk here is catastrophic”.
[Robert Rubin]

Fresno's driest 3 years on record: @fresnobee
[California, drought]

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