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Friday, July 25, 2014

Climate tweets for 24 July 2014

RT Chesapeake Climate @CCAN:
DC is ready for the @Peoples_Climate march! NYC here we come!:

RT ClimateNexusHotNews @ClimateHotNews · Jul 24
Start spreading the news! @NationalJournal's @Ben_Geman reports Obama Heading to Sept UN Climate Summit in NYC:

#WoeIsMe dept: China's coal industry says times hard, outlook worse: @reuters:
[energy, air pollution]

RT @MattWaldNYT: Texas Wired for Wind Power, & More Farms Plug In:
[wind energy, energy, renewable energy]

Epic Canadian Floods Wreck 5.5 Million Acres of Cropland: robertscribbler:
[flooding, Canada, farming, agriculture, food]

Canada’s Record Rains Cut Wheat Acreage to 3-Year Low: @BloombergNews:
[flooding, farming, agriculture, food]

The man who wants 2 make sure #climate change doesn’t ruin your #beer: @WashingtonPost:
[agriculture, farming, food]

Danger of Flash Flooding, Landslides Grows as Washington Wildfire Slows:

RT 350orBust @350orbust1:
The Latest Climate Change Denial Fact Twisting: 
[Heartland Institute]

RT Leo Hickman @LeoHickman:
LOL "The publication [The Australian] said there was no reason for it to have suspected errors in the articles in The Mail on Sunday":
[denial, Australian, journalism]

RT Tim Stephens @TimStephens10:
@SimonChapman6 @theMJA From tobacco, to wind farms, to climate change, science and facts and The @Australian are strangers.
[denial, journalism]

Dark Snow team investigates source of soot that's accelerating Greenland ice melt:
[glaciers, sea level]

8-10 inches (200-250mm) of rain in 4 hrs for South Carolina city: @thestate:

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