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Friday, July 18, 2014

Climate tweets for 17 July 2014

39 killed in Cote D'Ivoire's rainy season so far. Time to #connectthedots between climate change and extreme weather:

How worst drought in decades impacts Californians: @usatoday:

How Your Tax Dollars Fund Climate Change Denial: @EcoWatch:

RT ClimateNow @ClimateNow:
World is getting warmer, says global climate report:  #DenyThis?

RT Forecast The Facts @ForecastFacts:
RT @branto ".@google's answer to why it funds @ALEC_states at #NN14 today? "No comment." #dontfundevil

RT ClimateCentral @ClimateCentral:
How the Northwest Territory fires fit in the context of a larger 'unprecedented' burn:
[wildfire, Canada]

Oregon, Washington Declare States of Emergency as Wildfires Spread:

Climate Records Shattered in 2013: @LiveScience

Scientists Look for Causes of Baffling Dieoff of Sea Stars: @YaleE360:
[oceans, wildlife]

RT Connie Hedegaard @CHedegaardEU:
I regret Australia carbon tax repeal just as new carbon pricing initiatives are emerging all around the world:

The One Metric That’s Hiding True Cost of Climate Change: @climateprogress:

Is global warming causing extreme weather via jetstream waves?: @guardian:

RT John Mashey @JohnMashey:
RT Lindsay Abrams @readingirl:
Guy spreading misinformation about climate science feels victimized, and the NYT is ON IT: 

Divestment campaigns take hold in Norway: @350:

RT 350 Africa @350Africa:
#FF/join/contribute to: @mmfa @climateprogress @ClimateCentral @citizensclimate @350 @ClimateReality #climate #divest !

#FF @GoFossilFree @CelloMomOnCars @BeyondCoal @SeaShepherdSal @AllanMargolin #climate

#FF @YaleClimateComm @CeresNews @ClimateHotNews @ClimateNow @CLIMATEMAMA @oscare2000 @wenstephenson @Climateate #climate

#FF @AndrewDessler @ClimateOfGavin @mle_marion @bradleyjdibble @healthy_climate @ForecastFacts @DebbySchade #climate

#FF @kellyrigg @readfearn @ClimateBites @CleanAirMoms @ForecastFacts @jackthelad1947 @hottopicnz @frankejames #climate

#FF @billmckibben @MichaelEMann @AGW_Prof @heidicullen @Bentler @climatecliff @YaleE360 @capital_climate #climate

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