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Monday, July 7, 2014

Climate tweets for 6 July 2014

RT #ClimateAction @EcoWarrior1980:
The glacier in Alaska named after John Muir... #globalwarming #ClimateAction 

RT Dana Nuccitelli @dana1981:
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse says there are more U.S. jobs in solar industry than coal mining - TRUE … via @PolitiFactRI

Today’s Solar Power ‘Revolution’: Powerful Insights from Energy Experts: @CC_Yale

No carbon budget left to burn: @djspratt
[science, carbon bubble]

Who can afford to hold back rising seas?: Simple Climate
[sea level, flooding]

China flooding forms seven-metre-deep lake in Hunan province:

California severe drought intensifying as Napa wildfire rages on: @guardian

RT Sierra Club @sierraclub:
"BLM has been saying its coal leasing decisions have no impact on our climate. That assumption is out the window."
[Bureau of Land Management, Department of Interior] 

Climate change: it’s real and it’s serious: @RSnewsroom
[Citizens' Climate Lobby]

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann: If U parrot David Rose/Daily Mail's latest #climatechange denial ruse (Antarctic sea ice) U R not 2B taken seriously:

RT Jamison Foser @jamisonfoser:
1st CNN … now @NYTimes omits oil $ of global warming deniers attacking Steyer:
[journalism, denial, New York Times]

RT Lang Banks, WWF @LangBanks:
Number of the day: Potential annual cut in health costs from pollution by growing renewables

Obama Advisor on Front Lines of Climate Fight: @NYTimes
[John Holdren]

Anglican church synod urges Australian govt to respect science on climate change: @guardian:

RT Tom Steyer @TomSteyer:
Climate change is the issue of our generation, but I will be the first to admit—it hasn't always been on my radar.

RT Eric Holthaus @EricHolthaus:
How to make your summer roadtrip a whole lot greener: Excellent tips from @markv747

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