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Friday, July 11, 2014

Climate tweets for 10 July 2014

RT EcoWatch @EcoWatch:
Gov. Christie Tries Again to Pull New Jersey Out of Greenhouse Gas Initiative:
[Chris Christie, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, RGGI]

Scientists wary as water, ice build behind glacier dam above Juneau:
[flooding, Alaska]

Watch How Solar Power Is Transforming Rural India: @climateprogress:
[energy, renewable energy]

Amid Alleged 'War on Coal,' Nebraska Utility Finds 'Path Forward': @usnews:
[energy, renewable energy, wind energy, wind power, Omaha Public Power District, OPPD] 

In Kentucky Senate race, coal is where heart is: @suzyji @guardian: 

Report urges Virginia to take regional approach to climate change:
[sea level, flooding]

No False Choices: To Preserve Livable Climate, Slash Both CO2 & Methane ASAP: @climateprogress:

207 cities identify climate change risks: @RTCCnews:

“Fossil industry is subprime danger of this cycle” / solar the future: @jeremyleggett:
[investing, risk, divestment, Jeremy Leggett]

RT Andrew Freedman @afreedma:
By 2100, summers in Phoenix will be more like summers in Kuwait today, report finds. 

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