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Friday, August 1, 2014

Climate tweets for 31 July 2014

RT Peter Hannam @p_hannam:
Sydney temp passes 18C for record 24th time in July - on way to 25C (and 4th 'warm wave' in 3 mths:
[heat waves, Australia]

RT Oil Change Intl @PriceofOil:
On September 21st we're going to make history! Join us:  #peoplesclimate #climatemarch 
[People's Climate March]

Koch Bros’ Fake Libertarianism: War, Forced Pregnancies, Homophobia: @VICE:

Report urges health care industry to prepare for climate change: @NewsHour:

RT Peter Hannam @p_hannam:
'Global warming has no impact on Antarctica couldn't be further from the truth' - watch @ABCCatalyst here:
[science, denial]

Religious Conservatives Embrace Pollution Fight:
[faith, religion, poverty]

How Climate Denial Could Cost Iowa U.S. Senate Candidate An Election:
[Joni Ernst]

RT ClimateNexusHotNews @ClimateHotNews:
REALLY great oped by Seth B. Darling! in the Chi Trib - What climate change debate?
[science, denial]

Why Koch Bros Are So Interested In Who Becomes Colorado's Next AG:
[denial, fracking, Cynthia Coffman]

While debate swirls around @EPA carbon plan, private sector gets serious:
[General Mills, food, farming, agriculture]

Bright spots: 10 reasons to be hopeful we will overcome climate change: @guardian:
[energy, EVs]

MT @KetanJ0: "First Dog on the Moon" on ... Australia's new giant mine - cartoon:
[coal, Greg Hunt]

Cause of Mysterious Siberian Holes Suggested by ... Scientists: @sciam:

RT ClimateCentral @ClimateCentral:
By 2030, coastal Georgia will very likely see floods topping 3ft above the high tide line:

.@Australian's latest BS climate change denial article clarified: @CarbonBrief:
[journalism, science]

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