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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Climate tweets for 9 July 2014

RT Al Gore @algore:
Clean energy helps Fortune 500 companies save more than $1 billion/ year:  More on this trend:

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
The information deficit model lives! Exhibit A courtesy of @SmithKYsenate (R-KY):
[science, denial, Brandon Smith]

You May Be Denying Climate Change, But U.S. Military Isn't: @BusInsiderAU
[national security]

Blueprints for Taming Climate Crisis: @portereduardo @nytimes 

Govt watchdog slams Alberta's climate change efforts: … via @edmontonjournal 

Arctic changes upset birds' breeding calendar: @TheDailyClimate
[wildlife, phenology]

Another kind of denial: Shell 'short sighted' on climate risk - CTI  via @RTCCnews

England unprepared for future climate risks: @RTCCnews 
[United Kingdom, flooding]

RT ClimateCentral @ClimateCentral:
As climate pollution grows, sea level debt is surging. How many cities fall below the future tide? Found out here:

Australia facing ‘unprecedented rise in climate denial’: @RTCCnews

BRACEing for impact of climate change in Oregon: @gtnews: 

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