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Monday, July 21, 2014

Climate tweets for 20 July 2014

Florida Gov Agrees to Meet w/ Climate Scientists After Letter Stirs Up Political Pressure:
[Rick Scott, science, denial]

RT Eric Holthaus @EricHolthaus:
Climate Failure: U.S. Passes Saudi Arabia As World’s Largest Oil Producer:

The carbon taxes we're already paying: @LATimes:

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
For 1st time in decades, Obama opens E. Seaboard to oil exploration, area twice size of CA. Why? Ugh:

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Eating beef has about 10 times the warming effect of eating pork or chicken.

Drought hinders California emissions goals: @SFGate:
[water, energy, hydropower]

Vanishing Glaciers: Repeat Photos of Alaska: @weatherchannel:
[sea level]

Team finds sea level rise in western tropical Pacific human-caused:

A Carbon Tax That Can Rise from Australia's Ashes: @citizensclimate
[Citizens' Climate Lobby]

As Climate Impacts Accelerate, Speed of Mitigation Becomes Key:

Climate change fueling increase in pollen, allergies: @MichiganRadio:

RT Shaping2morrowsWorld @STWorg:
New StW post: Well estimated global warming by climate models -- Nature Climate Change paper:

.@TomSteyer vs. Koch Brothers: Billionaire battle over climate change: @slate:

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