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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Climate tweets for 18 July 2014

RT Yale Environment 360 @YaleE360 · 22h
Germany tops world energy-efficiency ranking, US scores near bottom:
Polar Jet Stream Wrecked By Climate Change Fuels Unprecedented Wildfires Over Canada, Siberia:
[fire, Russia]

RT Ayesha Pande @agent_ayesha:
An incredible and powerful review of The Collapse of Western Civilization by @NaomiOreskes and @ErikMConway.
Mysterious Siberian Crater May Portend Methane Climate Catastrophe:

Fossil fuels 'win', we all lose as Australia repeals carbon tax: @guardian:

RT Al Gore @algore:
The decision to repeal Australia's price on carbon is a disappointing step for a country with a legacy of leadership:

Alabama, which has much at risk from climate change, argues it doesn't exist:
[denial, sea level]

W/o Much Straining, Minnesota Reins In Its Utilities’ Carbon Emissions:
[renewable energy, wind power, wind energy]

Quoting John Christy On #Climate Change Like Quoting Dick Cheney On Iraq: @climateprogress:
[science, denial]

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
'Scientists Debunk Daily Caller's "Way Off Base" Claim About Penguins & Global Warming' @deeRobbs @MMFA: … #DailyMauler
[science, denial, Antarctica]

Climate data from air, land, sea, ice in 2013 reflect trends of warming planet:
[science, State of the Climate 2013, NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]

The distorting reality of "false balance" in the media: @KatrinaNation:
[journalism, denial]

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