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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Climate tweets for 1 September 2014

Divesting from Fossil Fuels: Last One Out Loses: @REWorld: 
[investing, divestment, risk]

Flooding hits Sweden, Denmark: @AJEnglish:

China to Launch World's Largest Trading Market for Carbon Permits: 

White House Argues Against Considering Climate Change on Energy Projects: @DeSmogBlog:

DeSmogUK Launches to Combat Climate Denial in Europe Ahead of Paris Talks:

Shocker: Australian agency not lying about weather data: @ConversationEDU:
[science, denial]

Big Summer Story You Missed: Soaring Oil Debt: @buildresilience:
[investing, divestment]

Oregon burns through deductible on wildfire insurance policy:

5 reasons NATO needs to worry about climate change: @RTCCclimatenews:
[national security]

Sea level rise in Antarctic gets extra bump from meltwater: via @BusInsiderAU

Climate talks: 5 things to know: @thehill:

No, You Can't Claim Arctic Ice is "Recovering": @BadAstronomer:
[science, denial]

Labor Day 2050: Global Warming & Coming Collapse Of Labor Productivity: via @climateprogress
[heat waves]

Cape Cod's namesake fish population rapidly disappearing: @latimes: 
[oceans, food, fishing]

RT Al Gore @algore:
We’ve reached a turning point in the battle to solve the climate crisis. 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope

RT Meanwhile in Canada @MeanwhileinCana:
By putting all eggs in one basket, Harper has done more damage to Alberta's future economy than any other PM.
[denial, oil, Stephen Harper]

RT David Spratt @djspratt:
More climate extremes: Sydney's last 12 months (Sept-Aug) warmest on record for average maximum and mean temps.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Climate tweets for 31 August 2014

Drought-Stricken California Makes Historic Move to Regulate Underground Water For 1st Time:
[food, farming, agriculture]

Climate change: Bhutan farms face growing dangers as glaciers melt: @STcom:
[food, Asia, flooding, water]

Meaning of Koch Brothers Tapes: 'I Don't Know Where We'd Be Without You': @HuffPostBlog:

Opinion: Americans have moral obligation to tackle climate change now:

Climate Change Ups Odds of Megadrought in SW U.S.: @ClimateCentral:
[drought, water]

Climate Change Has an Outrage Problem: @ericholthaus @motherboard:

World Ocean Temps Spike to +1.26 Positive Anomaly, Antarctic Polar Amplification Ramps Up:

David Hastings: What I didn’t say to (Florida) Gov. Scott about climate change:
[Rick Scott, denial]

Why Republicans won’t back carbon tax: @grist:

Canadian PM's Arctic tour puts unintended spotlight on climate change:
[Stephen Harper, denial]

Warblers, turtle doves join RSPB list of birds at risk of dying out: @guardian:
[United Kingdom, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, birds, wildlife]

Will Climate Change Denialism Help Russian Economy?: @IPSnews:
[oil, natural gas, energy]

MT @ClimateCentral: What global warming could mean for extreme snowfall:

Winged Warnings: Built for survival, birds in trouble from pole to pole: … [wildlife]

.@TomSteyer considers taking on Democratic candidates: @washingtonpost:
[Tom Steyer]

Hot harbinger: Torrid summer a glimpse into region's future: @spokesmanreview:
[Pacific Northwest, Washington]

RT banksy @thereaIbanksy:

RT CitizensClimateLobby @citizensclimate:
Time to push for a price on carbon. Learn how you can help on CCL's intro call.

RT Katharine Hayhoe @KHayhoe: 
Too bad that doesn't translate into being 1st on climate RT @CBCQuirks Canadians' science literacy 1st among 35 countries:

RT Al Gore @algore:
On September 16-17, I'll share 24 reasons why I’m hopeful that we CAN solve the climate crisis. Join me:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Climate tweets for 29 August 2014

Key question for anyone concerned about global warming or climate change: Are you registered to vote??? @ClimateHawkVote

Iceland's Seabird Colonies Vanishing, With "Massive" Chick Deaths: @natgeo: 
[wildlife, oceans, puffins, kittiwakes, terns]

Chile Poised to Pass South America’s First Carbon Tax: @climateprogress:

Seeking grant $, greedy salmon join climate conspiracy, move north:
[wildlife, sockeye, Washington, British Columbia]

RT Climate Reality @ClimateReality:
Columbia Glacier retreat from 1984-2011. It's like magic. Scary magic.

Climate change deniers see conspiracy in Australia's record-breaking heat:  via @Readfearn @guardian
[denial, science]

This Approach to Climate Action Doesn't Involve #Obama, Senate or @UN:  via @BloombergNews #divest!!
[investing, divestment]

RT Carbon Tracker @CarbonBubble:
Make this today's No 1RT: Please PM David Cameron - go to @UN #Climate2014 Summit @Number10gov
[United Kingdom]

Global warming slowdown periods to become 'thing of past' as emissions soar: via @smh
[science, denial]

Climate change health toll: ′We can save millions of lives, even now′: @dw_english:

Does Antarctic sea ice growth negate climate change? Scientists say no: @latimes:
[Antarctica, science]

Losing Ground: SE Louisiana Disappearing, Quickly:
[sea level, flooding]

Hawaii’s Largest Utility Plans to Triple Rooftop Solar By 2030: @climateprogress:
[energy, renewable energy, Hawaiian Electric Co.]

544 Young Women Want to Tell @UN About Urgency of Climate Change: @climateprogress: 

RT Dana Nuccitelli @dana1981:
Australian climate deniers are really going crazy with the conspiracy theories, as @readfearn details: … #TinFoilHatters
[science, denial, Jennifer Marohasy, Jo Nova, Graham Lloyd, Australian Bureau of Meteorology]

Why coal is (still) worse than fracking and cow burps: … via @MotherJones 
[science, Raymond Pierrehumbert]

Deforestation: Brazil is success story for conservation: @csmonitor: 
[forest, trees]

MT @sierraclub: In Tight Florida Gov Race, Climate Change Is Key Issue. "He's caught in crosshairs":  (@insideclimate)
[Rick Scott, Charlie Crist, denial, sea level]

El Niño Seen Delayed to End of Year as #Australia Stays on Watch: 

Myths & Facts About Koch Brothers: @mmfa: 
[denial, Joni Ernst, Tom Cotton, Cory Gardner, Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Americans for Prosperity, Marco Rubio, Florida, Freedom Partners Action Fund, Jennifer Rubin, John Podhoretz, American Energy Alliance, Don Nickles, Powerline, journalism, American Legislative Exchange Council]

RT L. Griffin @lngriffin25:
@climatehawk1 @ClimateHawkVote Also important to know sooner rather than later whether you're in a state that requires an ID to vote.

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
Climate Change Denier op-ed in Provo @HeraldExtra (by Mitt Romney's cousin!) nicely refuted in thoughtful LTE:
[denial, Pamela Openshaw, Steve Milloy, Advancement of Sound Science Center]

RT Green School Jakarta @mygreenjakarta:
@SheerWind @climatehawk1 @SFBusinessTimes @terraformnrg @GEO_Jan Terima kasih! (thank you!) and thank you all for inspiring and teaching us!

#FF/join/contribute to: @mmfa @climateprogress @ClimateCentral @citizensclimate @350 @ClimateReality #climate #divest !
#FF @mrsjcj @GoFossilFree @readingirl @CelloMomOnCars @BeyondCoal @p_hannam @AllanMargolin #climate

#FF @YaleClimateComm @CeresNews @ClimateHotNews @ClimateNow @CLIMATEMAMA @oscare2000 @wenstephenson @Climateate #climate

#FF @AndrewDessler @ClimateOfGavin @mle_marion @bradleyjdibble @healthy_climate @ForecastFacts @DebbySchade #climate

#FF @kellyrigg @readfearn @ClimateBites @CleanAirMoms @ForecastFacts @jackthelad1947 @hottopicnz @frankejames #climate

#FF @billmckibben @MichaelEMann @AGW_Prof @heidicullen @Bentler @climatecliff @YaleE360 @capital_climate #climate

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Climate tweets for 27 August 2014

RT Leonardo DiCaprio @LeoDiCaprio:
Seeing the impacts of #TarSands first hand with @SierraClub was a wake up call. #CleanEnergy now!

Climate Scientists Spell Out Stark Danger. Immorality Of Inaction In New Leaked Report:
[IPCC, science]

Why Electric Vehicles Are Beating Hydrogen Cars Today:
[EV, transportation, fuel cells]

RT CitizensClimateLobby @citizensclimate:
Oh, crap: World’s Existing Power Plants Will Emit 300 Billion Tons Of CO2 In Their Lifetimes:

Climate change may disrupt global food system w/i decade, @WorldBank says: @p_hannam @smh:
[farming, agriculture, flooding, drought, water]

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty: @CoralMDavenport:

Full extent of global coal 'binge' is hidden: researchers: @BBCNews:

Russia’s warming faster than rest of planet—disease, drought, forest fires result: @qz:
[wildfire, health]

Will Iconic Sequoias Fall to Climate Change?: @LiveScience:
[trees, forests, drought, water]

.@EDF plans climate vote pledge campaign in Colorado:  via @washingtonpost 

Iowa GOP Senate Nominee, Climate Change Denier Says Koch Network ‘Started My Trajectory’:
[denial, Joni Ernst, Americans for Prosperity, American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, Heritage Foundation, Tom Cotton, Cory Gardner, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell]

'Climate Change' and 'Global Warming': A pictorial history: 
… via @skepticscience 

6 Ways @WashingtonPost Could Show It’s Serious About Climate Change: @climateprogress: 
[journalism, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Sarah Palin, Bjoern Lomborg, Fred Hiatt, Volokh Conspiracy, denial]

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Climate tweets for 26 August 2014

RT Al Gore @algore:
Are you the voice of your generation on climate change? Ask #WhyWhyNot of leaders from across the world. 

'Clean Coal' Ruled False Advertising by UK Regulators: @motherboard:

RT Michael Pollan @michaelpollan:
Save the date, #Sept21. Join the #PeoplesClimate March. To change everything, we need everyone.

Guatemala Declares State of Emergency Due to Drought: @AP @ABC:
[food, farming, agriculture, water]

[Australia, investing, divestment]

Leaked @IPCC report: Impacts of climate change may be “severe, pervasive, irreversible”: @Salon

"Peak Water," Methane Blowholes, Ice-Free Arctic Cruises: Climate Crisis Deepens: @truthout:

Zoomed-In Climate Models Help Alaska Communities Plan for Uncertain Future: @InsideClimate:

Rising sea levels will threaten Beaufort County, group says:
[South Carolina, flooding]

Antarctic Riddle: How Much/Fast Will South Pole Melt?: @ClimateCentral:
[science, glaciers, sea level]

Olive oil prices set to rise sharply after Andalusia drought: @guardian:
[food, farming, agriculture, water, Spain]

Why Nebraska’s ‘Top Climate Denier’ Congressman Could Lose Seat In November: @climateprogress:
[denial, Lee Terry]

RT @dana1981: Athabasca Glacier: a tragic vanishing act:
… via @skepticscience by @andyskuce 
[science, glaciers, sea level, Canada]

When Climate Change Denial Refutes Itself: @PacificStand:  h/t @BruceMaine2

Water as WMD?: In Iraq, Battle for Control of Water: @YaleE360: 

U.S. Govt Auditors: 'Social Cost of Carbon' Is by the Book: @InsideClimate:

RT VICTORIA VICTORY @victoria31416:
Australia Conservationists spread message of hope, not loss:  via @dw_globalideas

RT Suzanne Goldenberg @suzyji:
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Growing, and Growing More Dangerous, Draft of U.N. Report Says:
[IPCC, science]

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Climate tweets for 25 August 2014

Ocean circulation: Why Arctic is affected more than Antarctic by global warming:

Ocean Acidification Threatens Economies, Cultures Around World: @EcoWatch:
[food, fishing]

RT Media Matters @mmfa:
AP profile of Koch bros. leaves out fossil fuel industry ties, $67 million donated to climate change denial groups:
[journalism, Nancy Benac] 

Cutting emissions pays for itself, @MIT study finds: @ScienceDaily:
[science, air pollution, health]

Indian Ocean heatwave offers glimpse into climate change impacts: @physorg_com:
[science, fishing, food]

Preview of climate future?: How California 1% avoid drought impact: @politico:

Inside look at U.S. think tank ALEC's plans to undo climate legislation:  via @torontostar 
[denial, American Legislative Exchange Council]

Historic Wildfires Burn Through Canada As Sub-Arctic Forests Heat Up: @climateprogress: 

RT walthewitt @walthewitt:
New Study Provides More Evidence That Global Warming ‘Pause’ Is A Myth:  via @climateprogress

China Races Ahead of Pack as Bike Sharing Goes Viral: @BloombergNews: 
[transportation, oil]

Editorial: The country’s sinking #climate debate: @WashingtonPost (host of #denier columnists):

Decker Glacier lake at Whistler sign of melt to come: @CBCNews: 
[sea level, Canada, British Columbia]

Unpacking unpaused global warming – climate models got it right|: @dana1981 @guardian: 
[science, denial]

RT Peter Dykstra @pdykstra:
After his tar sands criticism, angry Alberta Govt masses troops on border of @LeoDiCaprio:
[Leonardo DiCaprio]

RT Michael Oppenheimer @ClimateOpp:
Small consolation: Despite CO2, climate change, we may still have coffee -
[science, food, farming, agriculture]

RT DeSmogBlog @DeSmogBlog:
Koch-Tied Roots of Senator Vitter's Green Billionaires Club Environmental Attack Report:
[David Vitter, Kristina Moore, Mercatus Center]

RT habitatthegame @habitatthegame:
@climatehawk1 we have a #kidsapp that teaches kids about climate change. They learn about everyday actions that can save C02, H20 & land

Monday, August 25, 2014

Climate tweets for 24 August 2014

Meltdown: 'Incredible' rate of polar ice loss alarms scientists: @guardian:
[Greenland, Antarctica, glaciers, sea level]

Oil industry on borrowed time as switch to gas and solar accelerates: @Telegraph:
[energy, natural gas]

Editorial: Climate change is upon us and we must act: @guardian:

Sorry @BillGates, You Are Wrong on Renewable Energy: @GreentechMedia: 
[Bill Gates, denial]

While Kansas debates climate change, Europe acts:
[science, denial]

RT Scott A Mandia @AGW_Prof:
Greenland ice melting away-> Increases sea levels-> Makes all storm surges higher-> Increased hit to our wallets. 

Churches at Front Line of Climate Action: @IPSnews:
[faith, religion]

Right's New Strategy on Climate: Criticize Billionaires' Spending: 

Feds cutting funds from key programs to fight wildfires: @mydesert:

RT m.myers @marshallmyers53:
“@climateprogress: Renewables will play a huge role:
[energy, renewable energy, solar, wind energy, wind power]

Hunger ahead? CO2 Can Reduce Food Value: @livingonearth:
[science, farming, agriculture]

Long Island Sound becoming more acidic, scientists say: @Newsday:  
[oceans, acidification]

100s of Californians now on bottled water rationing due to drought: 

Indiana county deals with flooding after up to 10 in (250 mm) of rain: