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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Climate tweets for 26 August 2014

RT Al Gore @algore:
Are you the voice of your generation on climate change? Ask #WhyWhyNot of leaders from across the world. 

'Clean Coal' Ruled False Advertising by UK Regulators: @motherboard:

RT Michael Pollan @michaelpollan:
Save the date, #Sept21. Join the #PeoplesClimate March. To change everything, we need everyone.

Guatemala Declares State of Emergency Due to Drought: @AP @ABC:
[food, farming, agriculture, water]

[Australia, investing, divestment]

Leaked @IPCC report: Impacts of climate change may be “severe, pervasive, irreversible”: @Salon

"Peak Water," Methane Blowholes, Ice-Free Arctic Cruises: Climate Crisis Deepens: @truthout:

Zoomed-In Climate Models Help Alaska Communities Plan for Uncertain Future: @InsideClimate:

Rising sea levels will threaten Beaufort County, group says:
[South Carolina, flooding]

Antarctic Riddle: How Much/Fast Will South Pole Melt?: @ClimateCentral:
[science, glaciers, sea level]

Olive oil prices set to rise sharply after Andalusia drought: @guardian:
[food, farming, agriculture, water, Spain]

Why Nebraska’s ‘Top Climate Denier’ Congressman Could Lose Seat In November: @climateprogress:
[denial, Lee Terry]

RT @dana1981: Athabasca Glacier: a tragic vanishing act:
… via @skepticscience by @andyskuce 
[science, glaciers, sea level, Canada]

When Climate Change Denial Refutes Itself: @PacificStand:  h/t @BruceMaine2

Water as WMD?: In Iraq, Battle for Control of Water: @YaleE360: 

U.S. Govt Auditors: 'Social Cost of Carbon' Is by the Book: @InsideClimate:

RT VICTORIA VICTORY @victoria31416:
Australia Conservationists spread message of hope, not loss:  via @dw_globalideas

RT Suzanne Goldenberg @suzyji:
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Growing, and Growing More Dangerous, Draft of U.N. Report Says:
[IPCC, science]

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Climate tweets for 25 August 2014

Ocean circulation: Why Arctic is affected more than Antarctic by global warming:

Ocean Acidification Threatens Economies, Cultures Around World: @EcoWatch:
[food, fishing]

RT Media Matters @mmfa:
AP profile of Koch bros. leaves out fossil fuel industry ties, $67 million donated to climate change denial groups:
[journalism, Nancy Benac] 

Cutting emissions pays for itself, @MIT study finds: @ScienceDaily:
[science, air pollution, health]

Indian Ocean heatwave offers glimpse into climate change impacts: @physorg_com:
[science, fishing, food]

Preview of climate future?: How California 1% avoid drought impact: @politico:

Inside look at U.S. think tank ALEC's plans to undo climate legislation:  via @torontostar 
[denial, American Legislative Exchange Council]

Historic Wildfires Burn Through Canada As Sub-Arctic Forests Heat Up: @climateprogress: 

RT walthewitt @walthewitt:
New Study Provides More Evidence That Global Warming ‘Pause’ Is A Myth:  via @climateprogress

China Races Ahead of Pack as Bike Sharing Goes Viral: @BloombergNews: 
[transportation, oil]

Editorial: The country’s sinking #climate debate: @WashingtonPost (host of #denier columnists):

Decker Glacier lake at Whistler sign of melt to come: @CBCNews: 
[sea level, Canada, British Columbia]

Unpacking unpaused global warming – climate models got it right|: @dana1981 @guardian: 
[science, denial]

RT Peter Dykstra @pdykstra:
After his tar sands criticism, angry Alberta Govt masses troops on border of @LeoDiCaprio:
[Leonardo DiCaprio]

RT Michael Oppenheimer @ClimateOpp:
Small consolation: Despite CO2, climate change, we may still have coffee -
[science, food, farming, agriculture]

RT DeSmogBlog @DeSmogBlog:
Koch-Tied Roots of Senator Vitter's Green Billionaires Club Environmental Attack Report:
[David Vitter, Kristina Moore, Mercatus Center]

RT habitatthegame @habitatthegame:
@climatehawk1 we have a #kidsapp that teaches kids about climate change. They learn about everyday actions that can save C02, H20 & land

Monday, August 25, 2014

Climate tweets for 24 August 2014

Meltdown: 'Incredible' rate of polar ice loss alarms scientists: @guardian:
[Greenland, Antarctica, glaciers, sea level]

Oil industry on borrowed time as switch to gas and solar accelerates: @Telegraph:
[energy, natural gas]

Editorial: Climate change is upon us and we must act: @guardian:

Sorry @BillGates, You Are Wrong on Renewable Energy: @GreentechMedia: 
[Bill Gates, denial]

While Kansas debates climate change, Europe acts:
[science, denial]

RT Scott A Mandia @AGW_Prof:
Greenland ice melting away-> Increases sea levels-> Makes all storm surges higher-> Increased hit to our wallets. 

Churches at Front Line of Climate Action: @IPSnews:
[faith, religion]

Right's New Strategy on Climate: Criticize Billionaires' Spending: 

Feds cutting funds from key programs to fight wildfires: @mydesert:

RT m.myers @marshallmyers53:
“@climateprogress: Renewables will play a huge role:
[energy, renewable energy, solar, wind energy, wind power]

Hunger ahead? CO2 Can Reduce Food Value: @livingonearth:
[science, farming, agriculture]

Long Island Sound becoming more acidic, scientists say: @Newsday:  
[oceans, acidification]

100s of Californians now on bottled water rationing due to drought: 

Indiana county deals with flooding after up to 10 in (250 mm) of rain:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Climate tweets for 22 August 2014

Chilling: Meteorologists preparing for worst: @News24:

California Drought: Wild Salmon Competing with Almonds for Water: @NPRFood:
[food, wildlife, farming, agriculture]

Water crisis threatens thirsty Sao Paulo: @physorg_com:
[Brazil, drought]

Greenland, West Antarctic Ice Sheet Loss More Than Doubled In Last 5 Years:
[glaciers, sea level]

Record harvest loss, food shortages hit dry Sri Lanka: @reliefweb:
[drought, farming, agriculture]

Opinion: A Beach Project Built on Sand: @nytimes:
[sea level, New York]

SW Chicago Suburbs Hit Hard By Flooding: @cbschicago:

Meet scientists who sat down with Florida Gov. Rick Scott and explained climate change: @Salon
[denial, science]

Climate Change and Implications for National Security: @intpolicydigest:

Unusually Wet Summer Brings Flooding, Landslides Across Japan: @wsj: 

Food, drinks cos respond to consumer pressure on climate change: @guardian: 
[investing, divestment]

Scientists Drop Jargon, UNLOAD About Climate Change:

Tale of Two Cities: Miami, New York and Life on the Edge: @ClimateCentral:
[sea level, flooding]

Greenland’s Late August Rain Over Melt Ponds is Glacial Outburst Flood Hazard:
[glaciers, flooding]

Lord Byron's 'Darkness': Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Climate Change: @motherboard:

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
"Climate change deniers resort to character attacks" by Gene Lyons in The @StarDem_news: 
[science, denial, Mark Steyn, National Review]

RT TckTckTck @tcktcktck:
Time for Merkel to decide - will she side with fossil fuel corporations or the people? ActionNotWords:
[Lausitz, Germany, coal, Angela Merkel]

Five Ways Climate Deniers Are Dead Wrong: @ClimateReality @EcoWatch:
[science, denial]

Friday, August 22, 2014

Climate tweets for 21 August 2014

How Murdoch Pushed Australia Into Climate Change Retreat: @mmfa: 
[journalism, denial, Media Matters for America]

If You Think Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until Aquifers Are Drained: @natgeo:

Climate change scientist calls on colleagues to speak up on global warming debate: @smh:
[science, denial, Michael Raupach]

In "incredible" finding, Greenland ice loss doubles from late 2000s: @BBCNews:
[glaciers, sea level]

Why I'm a Climate Change Alarmist: @EricHolthaus @FutureTenseNow:
[science, denial]

Africa to Add More Renewable Energy in 2014 Than Past 14 Years: @BloombergNews:
[solar, wind energy, wind power]

Enjoy your coffee while you can. Climate change is coming to ruin it: @fastcoexist:
[food, farming, agriculture]

Environmentalists trading purity for pragmatism in 2014: @washingtonpost:
[politics, NextGen Climate Action, Tom Steyer, Joni Ernst, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, NRDC, EDF, Bruce Braley, Chris Gibson]

California ‘Woefully Unprepared’ for Sea Level Rise, Says New Report: @climateprogress:

New Republican ploy: Florida Gov. Scott avoids global warming stand but "seeks solutions": 
[Rick Scott, denial]

How 'Tiny' SuperPAC Is Taking on Congress's Climate Apathy: @InsideClimate: 
[Climate Hawks Vote]

Heat accumulating deep in Atlantic Ocean has reduced surface global warming:

Scientist in focus – meteorologist and climate communicator Paul Huttner: @guardian:

Outlook 4 #climate talks: A deal--but not enough: … via @sciam 

Climate change ‘major challenge’ to South Asia’s economic development: @CarbonBrief:
[Asian Development Bank, economy]

RT 350 dot org @350:
One month to go. So much on the line.
[People's Climate March]

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
If climate change is a national security threat (@CoralMDavenport @NYTimes: ) then so too is climate change denial

#FF/join/contribute to: @mmfa @climateprogress @ClimateCentral @citizensclimate @350 @ClimateReality #climate #divest !
#FF @Lovemotherocean @HannahMurdockTX @algore @MartinScribbles @StephenLeahy @GWFotD @IdiotTracker @DanJWeiss #climate

#FF @TenneyNaumer @billbills @AdamPeretzman @johnlundin @TheEarthNetwork @FaunKime @alannogee @NobleIdeas #climate

#FF @Alex_Verbeek @climategeek @firebobbc @Lee_Tennant @bberwyn @suzyji @earthvisiontrst @DeSmogCanada #climate

#FF @DeSmogBlog @kkaufmann @chriscmooney @DRTucker @greenroofsuk @djspratt @climate_ice @dana1981 @TheDailyClimate #climate

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Climate tweets for 19 August 2014

What I learned from debating science with trolls: @ConversationEDU:

July Checks In as 4th Warmest on Record Worldwide: @ClimateCentral:

Climate change and the intellectual decline of the right: @insidestorymag:

How Climate Change Is Melting Ski Industry: @LizBurakowski @ClimateDesk:
[science, skiing]

Louisville, fastest-warming city in U.S., reaches for brakes:
[Kentucky, adaptation]

2 reports warn LA County residents climate change can affect health: @ladailynews:
[science, California, Los Angeles]

Climate disruption and how we can solve it: @ClimateReality:

Research Suggests #Climate Models Underestimate Climate Sensitivity:

Jet Stream Changes Driving Extreme Weather Linked Again to Global Warming, Arctic Ice Loss: 

How Arctic Sea Ice Could Shrink Even More: @ClimateCentral: 

RT 350 dot org @350:
We are ready to bend the arc of history towards climate justice. #peoplesclimate:
[People's Climate March]

Solar Boom Driving 1st Global Panel Shortage Since 2006: @BloombergNews:
[energy, renewable energy]

Ice Sheet Fluctuations Can Cause Abrupt Climate Change in Warming World: @sciencewr: 

RT Climate Progress @climateprogress:
Wildfire burns near Yosemite National Park, prompts evacuation of thousands:

‘Cosmos’ garners 4 Emmys, ‘Years of Living Dangerously’ top nonfiction series:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Climate tweets for 18 August 2014

Warm seas keep world on track for hot year: @p_hannam @smh: 
[science, oceans]

Marine economy sinks as ocean acidity rises: @ClimateNewsNet:
[oceans, fishing, food]

Global warming denial rears its ugly head around (English) world:  via @dana1981 @guardian
[science, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia]

West’s historic drought stokes fears of water crisis: @washingtonpost:

Flip-Flop Summer Caused by Strange Jet Stream: @sciam:

Wildfires Strike Northwest U.S., Northern California: @natgeo:
[fire, Oregon, Washington]

Australian PM still determined to kill renewable energy target: @Renew_Economy: 
[Tony Abbott, denial]

'Unprecedented' 40,000 seabirds dead after year of U.K. storms:
[wildlife, birds, United Kingdom, Wales]

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
"Why Michael Mann’s Defamation Suit Against Climate Denialists Is the Right Move" @EthanElkind of @UCLA Legal Planet:
[denial, science, National Review, Mark Steyn]

India: Climate Change Causing Slide in Kerala Farm Produce: @NewIndianXpress:
[farming, food, agriculture]

MIT Study: Climate Talks on Path to Fall Far Short of Goals: @InsideClimate:

Mega Drought in Spain Threatens to Drive Up Olive Oil Prices: @climateprogress:
[food, farming, agriculture]