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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Climate tweets for 8 March 2014

How to Cut Carbon Pollution By 80% In 4 Simple Steps: @cleantechnica 

Overwhelmed? Winter storms saw Thames Barrier close 50th time, hitting safety limit 

California's Drought: These Statistics Show Just How Scary It Is: @tnr 

Unless temps are kept below agreed limit of 3.6°F warming, the Great Barrier reef will cease to be a coral ecosystem: 

Floods, gales taste of things to come, says UN climate science chief: @guardian 

Denial River: How Warm Waters Melted Arctic Ice and Froze Reality: @slate 

Climatologist Who Predicted Calif Drought 10 Years Ago: It May Soon Be ‘Even More Dire’ 

Warmer temperatures push malaria to higher elevations, research shows: 

RT Antonio Montano ☼ ‏@AntoMon: Australia has warmed by 0.9C since 1910, with more in store 

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