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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Climate tweets for 3 March 2014

Europe's flood losses to soar by 2050, research shows: @TR_Foundation 

Northern Exposure: Arctic may change from carbon sink to source due to global warming: 

Even In Desert, Drought Spells Trouble for Ranchers: @NPRnews 

Australia climate extremes increasing as carbon dioxide levels continue to rise: @abcnews 

Cause and Effect: Climate predictions not based on trends, but ... science: @ClimateChangeNF 

Australia Renewable Energy Driving Down Costs, Keeping Electricity Reliable In Extreme Heat  #climate

Virginia cities hoping for state guidance on sea level rise: @PilotNews 

RT CSIRO ‏@CSIROnews: 7/10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1998, with 5x increase in frequency of very warm months 

RT Seth Platt ‏@SethPlatt: Ragingly dishonest climate change denial rant by @edrogersdc in @washingtonpost 

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