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Monday, March 17, 2014

Climate tweets for 16 March 2014

Price Of Ignoring Climate Change Far Higher Than We Think: @FastCoExist 

As drought and environmental laws dry up aqueducts, water managers look to aquifers and attitudes: 
[California, water]

RT CitizensClimateLobby ‏@citizensclimate: This is what it's come to: Dry Wichita Falls to try drinking ‘potty water’ 
[drought, Texas] 

RT Mindy Lubber ‏@MindyLubber: Ceres investor member Treas.Nancy Kopp calls for SEC action on climate - investors need to know of impacts 
[investing, divestment]

RT JPascal van Ypersele ‏@JPvanYpersele: New article: climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than we thought 
[agriculture, farming, food]

Coastal homeowners debate whether 2 rebuild or retreat: 
[New Jersey, sea level, flood]

While seas rise in Outer Banks and elsewhere in NC, science treads water:
[North Carolina, sea level, denial]

Vanishing ice warning for 'Africa's Alps': @physorg_com 
[glaciers, water]

CO2, Earth’s Global Thermostat, Dials Up to Record 401.6 ppm Daily Value on March 12: 

RT ClimateCentral ‏@ClimateCentral: FridayFact +2 days: Since 1970, parts of Southeast have seen Spring precip decline up to 20x greater than U.S. avg

‘We are at ground zero’ of climate change: @TR_Foundation 
[sea level, Marshall Islands, flood]

‘Clean Energy’ Candidate for Congress Consulted for Koch-Tied Climate Deniers: 

Study yields more accurate data on 1000s of years of climate change: @physorg_com 

California Exceptional Drought Area Worsens: @accuweather 
[water, food, agriculture, farming]

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