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Monday, March 31, 2014

Climate tweets for 30 March 2014

UN document warning of grave climate future completed: @physorg_com 

The ripple effect of less water: @LasVegasSun 
[drought, Nevada]

Climate change is going to turn Earth into planet of hungry kids: @Grist: 
[agriculture, farming, food]

Climate sensitivity wrangles don’t change big picture on emissions: Simple Climate 

RT Stephen Leahy ‏@StephenLeahy:
Sadly Necessary RT @AGW_Prof: Climate Science Legal Defense Fund fundraiser: Please help. Donate & spread word.
Facing Rising Seas, Bangladesh Confronts Consequences of Climate Change: @NYTimes 
[sea level, flooding]

Rising Seas: @NYTimes:
[sea level, flooding]

RT TckTckTck ‏@tcktcktck:
"#ClimateAction saves lives": As IPCC releases its climate impacts report, world leaders must take note & take action

RT Peter Hannam ‏@p_hannam:
Climate change: Time bomb ticks as the Earth heats, via @Aruptom: 

RT Bill McKibben ‏@billmckibben:
In drought-stricken CA, it takes a gallon of water to produce a single almond. Farmers now pumping aquifers dry: 
[agriculture, farming, food]

Research suggests Autumn ending later in northern hemisphere: @physorg_com 
[science, phenology]

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