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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Climate tweets for 25 March 2014

Arizona's future climate: temps rising, water disappearing: @physorg_com 

Cherry-picked and misrepresented climate science undermines @FiveThirtyEight brand: @skepticscience 
[Nate Silver]

RT JPascal van Ypersele ‏@JPvanYpersele:
Quote of the Week: @Time Magazine on CO2, climate change, & sea level in 1956 … MT @simondonner @Keeling_curve

@ecolitical A remarkably accurate global warming prediction, made in 1972:

.@Harvard’s destroying our planet: America’s grand, institutional failure to stop climate change: 
[investing, divestment]

RT Tim Rote ‏@timrote:
Climate Change 'Going To Affect Nearly Every Aspect Of Human Life':

How The Koch Brothers Are Hacking Science: @TPM 

144 Bipartisan U.S. Congress Members Seek Wind Energy Tax Credit Renewals: 
[renewable energy]

"The polar bear is us": Big climate report: Global warming is big risk for people: @nzherald 

RT Chris Riedy ‏@chrisjriedy  15h
Climate change is waking the Kraken! IPCC preview: deep trouble brewing in our oceans: 
via @ConversationEDU

The Puzzles Involving Sea Ice at the Poles: @YaleMediaForum 

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