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Friday, March 28, 2014

Climate tweets for 27 March 2014

How Scientists Are Moving Climate Change Conversation Forward: @MichaelEMann @EcoWatch: 

Kansas House Rejects Koch-Backed Push to Kill Clean Energy Law: @climateprogress 
[wind power, wind energy, energy policy, denial]

British Columbia enacted the most significant carbon tax in the W. Hemisphere—and it worked 
[energy policy]

Statistics and Climate Science: Roger Pielke Missed Mark: 

10,853 of 10,855 science papers agree: Global warming is happening, humans to blame: @Salon 

Climate change to make downpours more violent: expert: @smh 

RT TckTckTck ‏@tcktcktck:
'It’ll affect nearly every aspect of human life on this planet': Strong warning on #ClimateImpacts ahead of IPCC:

RT Climate Progress ‏@climateprogress:
One simple graphic explains the difference between climate science and climate politics:

Watch this scientist fight climate change on the gorgeous Olympic Coast: @Grist 

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