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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Climate tweets for 4 March 2014

RT Greg Laden ‏@gregladen: A New Fake Report On Climate Change. … via @Scienceblogs

California drought hits Toronto grocery shoppers’ wallets: @TorontoStar 

Australia ranchers slaughter record number of cattle due to drought: @smh 

Haze Shrouds Malaysian Capital Amid Forest Fires, Drought: @BloombergNews 

Climate Change Traps Deep Ocean Heat, Eliminating Ice-Free Antarctic Enclaves 

U.S. Falling Behind As Other Countries Pass Climate Legislation, New Survey Shows 

Global warming action: good or bad for the poor? @guardian 

RT Trillion Fund ‏@TrillionFund: MUST READ: The madness of climate change scepticism and how big business is turning the tables 

RT Tom Watson ‏@ecoconsumer: Businesses should stand up to climate change deniers - @RichardBranson blog post:  via @Morgan_CDP

RT DE Energy & Climate ‏@EnergyClimateDE: Economic models for California suggest a carbon tax would be a big job creator.

New book examines living in warmer world: @hottopicnz 

RT Moms Clean Air Force ‏@CleanAirMoms: New Blog Post ! California’s Drought Imacts Your Family 

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