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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Climate tweets for 19 March 2014

RT Ketan Joshi ‏@KetanJ0:
Totally brilliant comic on what would happen if astrophysics threatened profits

RT Wen Stephenson ‏@wenstephenson: 
My new post: a grad student's brave, devastating open letter to @Harvard prez Drew Faust … #fossilfree @GoFossilFree
[investing, divestment]

Financial markets should take climate policy more seriously: @ConversationEDU 
[investing, divestment]

RT ClimateNow ‏@ClimateNow:
First Climate Article On Nate Silver’s Website Uses ‘Deeply Misleading’ Data, Top Climatologists Say

RT Peter Gleick ‏@PeterGleick:
California snowpack condition is worsening. Now down to 26% of normal for April 1st benchmark.
[drought, water, agriculture, food, farming]

Warmest winter on record worsens California drought: @PlanetArk 

Jet Stream Gets Fish in Hot Water: @WHOI 
[oceans, wildlife]

Scientists, Shellfish Hatcheries See Ocean Acidification Take Huge Toll On Marine Life 
[wildlife, science]

A remarkably accurate global warming prediction made in 1972: @dana1981 @guardian 

Study: Rockies' wildflower season 35 days longer from climate change: @latimes,0,7192239.story 
[science, phenology]

RT Moms Clean Air Force ‏@CleanAirMoms: 
Reading: Illinois Residents Fight Back Against The State’s Coal Industry 

RT Katharine Hayhoe ‏@KHayhoe:
Thank you! RT @carolschads Fantastic interview on truths of climate change! Watch: 

India's 'rice warrior' battles to build living seed bank as climate chaos looms: @guardian 
[agriculture, farming, food]

Wyoming students deserve world-class science education like NGSS that includes climate science! 

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