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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Climate tweets for 9 May 2014

Plains States: Are This Week’s Brutal Heat and Drought Sign of Things to Come?:
[heat waves, water, farming, agriculture]

We can't count on plants to slow down global warming: @guardian
[science, CO2]

Can the Kochs Hold Back History?: @nytimes 

Fossil Fuels: The Tide is Turning: @daphnewysham @IPS_DC
[investing, divestment]

Somalia Government announces Drought Emergency:
[water, farming, agriculture, food, Africa]

Scientists look beyond alarming milestone in carbon dioxide levels: 

RT ClimateNow ‏@ClimateNow:
Bloomberg: Climate Change Is Stuck in the Culture War
[denial, science]

RT Tom Steyer ‏@TomSteyer:
Why aren't Republicans doing more to #ActOnClimate? @USAToday editorial asks the GOP:

RT WeatherTalk ‏@WeatherTalk:
@ClimateCentral As heard last night on WeatherTalk! U.S. temps up 1.5°F since 1895, 80% of the rise since 1980! 

Lloyd's calls on insurers to take climate-change risk into account: @guardian

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