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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Climate tweets for 13 May 2014

Texas Wildfire Destroys 100 Homes, Forces 100s Of Evacuations: 

Alabama Avoids Preparing for Rising Seas Menacing Mobile: 
[denial, flooding]

Court Slaps Down Right-Wing Attack On Colorado Clean Energy Std:
[renewable energy, denial]

97% - A Statistically Representative Debate On Global Warming: @skepticscience 
[science, denial, journalism, John Oliver]

Oops Dept: Rubio Can’t Name Single Source Behind His Climate Denialism: @climateprogress

Trump moves 2 save Doonbeg golf course 'from ravages of [yes!] #globalwarming': 
[flooding, denial]

RT Sierra Club ‏@sierraclub:
Excellent & hilarious Sen. @marcorubio climate denial cartoon from @chanlowe of @SunSentinel:
[Marco Rubio]

RT Dana Nuccitelli ‏@dana1981:
Al Gore Explains The Real Motivation Behind Republicans' Climate Change Denial

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