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Friday, May 30, 2014

Climate tweets for 29 May 2014

New Video: @NeilTyson destroys climate deniers: @motherjones
[science, Cosmos, denial]

RT Elizabeth Kolbert @ElizKolbert:
Isn't it time to drop "scientists say" before phrase "GHG's are the chief cause of global warming?"
[science, journalism, New York Times]

RT Neela Banerjee @neelaeast:
Obama's new rule on power plants expected to be most significant effort to counter climate change in U.S. history

In Historic Blunder, Some States Retreat on Zero-Carbon Power:
[Ohio, renewable energy, clean energy, Kansas, denial]

Kentucky, Indiana face big challenge with new climate rules: @courierjournal

And The Biggest Power Polluter Is: American Electric Power Company: @CERESnews

Navajo Nation's Shifting Sands of Climate Change: @ClimateCentral
[drought, farming, ranching, water]

Will Big Oil Execs Ever Stand Trial for Willful Climate Deceit?: @CommonDreams

RT Jeff Corbin @Jeff_d_corbin:
ICYMI: My reply to @AmyRidenour: Denying science versus debating policy:

RT Fossil Free @GoFossilFree:
Want to launch a fossil fuel divestment campaign in your community? Step 1: join the web workshop:

India’s lethal heatwave strikes again: @ClimateNewsNet

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