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Monday, May 5, 2014

Climate tweets for 4 May 2014

To My Friend the Climate Defeatist: Here's Why I'm Still In the Fight: @CommonDreams

When you're in a hole ... Megacities contend with sinking land: @BBCNews 
[sea level, flooding]

Very touching: Whitman College Gets Married! (to Fossil Fuels): @350
[investing, divestment]

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality:
MT @YEARSofLIVING: In 2012, ice that melted in Greenland & flowed into ocean=H20 over Niagara Falls for 5 yrs
[sea level]

What if the whole world stopped eating meat?: @LV_Anderson @slate 
[vegetarianism, food, farming, ranching, agriculture]

RT Stu Ostro ‏@StuOstro:
By a month! MT @NWSWichita: As @StuOstro mentioned. Today's 102 breaks previous record for >100. The earliest >100 before was June 4th, 1933

RT Paul Thacker ‏@thackerpd:
.@MichaelOkwu @aaronernst Patrick Moore was NOT a Greenpeace cofounder. Good not to spread disinformation 

Convincing conservative Christians that global warming is real: @motherjones 
[Katharine Hayhoe, faith, religion]

Tornadoes, Dust Storms, Floods: What the Hell Happened This Week?: @mashable 

RT Michael E. Mann ‏@MichaelEMann:
Great @LAtimes piece on Koch Brothers assault on renewables (,0,6774303.story#ixzz30l5kB4lZ …). Never would have happened if:
[denial, renewable energy, clean energy, journalism, Los Angeles Times]

RT ClimateNow ‏@ClimateNow:
West Coast starfish being killed by pathogens, scientists suggest - mortality upwards of 95%
[wildlife, oceans]

RT Sierra Club ‏@sierraclub:
Watch @annajanejoyner, @iansomerhalder, & @maryannehitt in @YEARSofLIVING TONIGHT on @SHO_Network! #YearsProject
[Years of Living Dangerously]

ALEC Has a New Tactic It’s Using to Attack @EPA: @climateprogress
[denial, Koch, air pollution]

RT Ian Condry ‏@iancondry:
FossilFree MIT shows Cambridge flood line circling campus today. Divest and reinvest in renewables seems good path.
[investing, divestment]

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