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Friday, May 9, 2014

Climate tweets for 8 May 2014

Media Figure Out American Climate Beliefs Are Outliers--But Do They Share Blame?
[denial, journalism]

Postcards Target Elderly In Attempt to Spread Clean-Energy Disinformation
[Koch, Kansas, renewable energy, denial]

RT Media Matters ‏@mmfa:
Only one major newspaper downplayed the new climate change report on their front page:
[denial, Wall Street Journal]

RT ClimateCommunication ‏@ClimateComms:
Religious leaders should divest from fossil fuels, says UN climate chief @CFigueres:
[investing, divestment, faith, religion, Christiana Figueres]

As Population Surges, Harsh Climate of Southwest U.S. Will Only Get Harsher 
[National Climate Assessment, drought, water]

From Snow to Sweat: Kansas Skips Spring: @climateprogress
[heat waves]

U.S. companies doze as climate change threatens: @TheDailyClimate
[investing, divestment]

Opinion: Tired of Big Coal telling our pols what to do: @Kentuckycom

RT Bill McKibben ‏@billmckibben:
Hearing reports of many arrests of peaceful protesters at Peabody Coal's annual meeting. Many thanks for the leadership! #StopPeabody

On climate change, Republicans can’t deny reality forever: @paulwaldman1

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