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Monday, May 12, 2014

Climate tweets for 11 May 2014

RT Michael E. Mann ‏@MichaelEMann:
Marco Rubio doesn't "believe" in human-caused climate change
( …). In related news, doubts gravity, thermodynamics, ...

Obama talks climate, White House press corps Benghazi: 
[science, journalism, National Climate Assessment]

To Combat Climate Change, Humanity Must Act Now, @NASA Chief Says: @SPACEdotcom 

Ohio Senate Votes to Kill Renewable Energy Law: 
[clean energy, wind energy, solar, ALEC, denial]

Rising climate unease: Sea level predictions, stormy weather prompt new awareness in communities:
[flooding, Connecticut]

Climate Change: Boon for Pests, Bane for Us: @IScienceTimes 
[farming, food, agriculture]

Wen Stephenson ‏@wenstephenson: 
Problem is, Bill & Bob's "dispassionate thought" (vs. "showy protests") has failed. Utterly. @CoralMDavenport
[William Nordhaus, Robert Nordhaus]

RT Michael Oppenheimer ‏@ClimateOpp:
Head in the sand, literally - South Carolina’s Solution To Sea Level Rise: Build More Walls via @climateprogress

Our Alarming Food Future, Explained in 7 Charts: @MotherJones 
[farming, agriculture]

RT Dianah Mieglich ‏@DianahMieg:
Rising CO2 levels may cut nutrient levels in crops, study finds  via @reuters 
[food, farming, agriculture]

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