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Friday, May 2, 2014

Climate tweets for 1 May 2014

RT Heidi Cullen ‏@HeidiCullen  11h
Melting Arctic permafrost creating wetlands known as fens, unexpectedly emitting large amounts of methane: 

RT Bill McKibben ‏@billmckibben:
First arrest of divestment movement in Harvard Yard this a.m. Bravery @DivestHarvard

New financial index aims to ease fossil fuel #divestment: @pacificswell 

RT A Siegel ‏@A_Siegel:
.@FoxAndFriends freaks out when its anti-climate science bias is exposed
[Michael Moyer, denial]

More detail on Fox & Friends vs. that #science-y stuff: @Salon

.@MichaelEMann: Costs Of #Climate Change (VIDEO): @sandydec @cleantechnica 

Why economists don't get #climate change: @TheWeek 
[investing, divestment]

How military spending is helping us lose the biggest war of all: 

RT Climate Reality ‏@ClimateReality:
MT @carbonbrief: Climate change increased risk of extremely wet UK winter by 25%  http;//

Sweltering in the city: Surviving #climate change in our great urban metropolises: @CarbonBrief
[heat waves, Canada]

The Tol of climate inaction: tracking errors of a contrarian economist:
[science, denial, Global Warming Policy Foundation]

RT Eric Holthaus ‏@EricHolthaus:
As heavy rain moves throughout East, extreme drought intensifies in the West. #TwoAmericas

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