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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Climate tweets for 21 May 2014

RT 350 dot org: @350:
That next great moment is late September in New York. See you there.

Biggest Loser: Thawing Greenland Competes with Collapsing Antarctic For Fastest Ice Loss
[sea level]

Climate Context 4 ‘Unprecedented’ Balkans Flooding: @ClimateCentral

History Under Water: Climate Change Imperils Historic, Cultural Sites: @katesheppard 
[sea level]

Which of these 10 major food brands require suppliers to cut emissions? (Fewer than 1):
[investing, divestment]

Why U.S. is always so unprepared to fight wildfires: @voxdotcom

Drought could cost California Central Valley farms $1.7 billion, 14,500 jobs:  #climatecosts
[water, food, farming, agriculture]

RT Bill McKibben ‏@billmckibben:
I'm sensing, for the 1st hours of reaction, a real appetite for the march on NY come Sept. … That gives me hope

RT Fossil Free ‏@GoFossilFree:
Good luck! RT @DivestDU: TODAY IS THE DAY! We are meeting with the @uofdenver board of trustees to make our case for fossil fuel divestment.

Cities depending on snowmelt for water could face problems, study suggests: @csmonitor

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