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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Climate tweets for 27 August 2014

RT Leonardo DiCaprio @LeoDiCaprio:
Seeing the impacts of #TarSands first hand with @SierraClub was a wake up call. #CleanEnergy now!

Climate Scientists Spell Out Stark Danger. Immorality Of Inaction In New Leaked Report:
[IPCC, science]

Why Electric Vehicles Are Beating Hydrogen Cars Today:
[EV, transportation, fuel cells]

RT CitizensClimateLobby @citizensclimate:
Oh, crap: World’s Existing Power Plants Will Emit 300 Billion Tons Of CO2 In Their Lifetimes:

Climate change may disrupt global food system w/i decade, @WorldBank says: @p_hannam @smh:
[farming, agriculture, flooding, drought, water]

Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty: @CoralMDavenport:

Full extent of global coal 'binge' is hidden: researchers: @BBCNews:

Russia’s warming faster than rest of planet—disease, drought, forest fires result: @qz:
[wildfire, health]

Will Iconic Sequoias Fall to Climate Change?: @LiveScience:
[trees, forests, drought, water]

.@EDF plans climate vote pledge campaign in Colorado:  via @washingtonpost 

Iowa GOP Senate Nominee, Climate Change Denier Says Koch Network ‘Started My Trajectory’:
[denial, Joni Ernst, Americans for Prosperity, American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, Heritage Foundation, Tom Cotton, Cory Gardner, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell]

'Climate Change' and 'Global Warming': A pictorial history: 
… via @skepticscience 

6 Ways @WashingtonPost Could Show It’s Serious About Climate Change: @climateprogress: 
[journalism, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Sarah Palin, Bjoern Lomborg, Fred Hiatt, Volokh Conspiracy, denial]

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