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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Climate tweets for 5 August 2014

Mysterious Craters Just Beginning of Arctic Surprises: @sciam:
[methane, science]

Australia fossil plans may suffer as India taps solar, Beijing bans coal:

Climate change fueling forest disturbances: @physorg_com:
[wildfire, fire, beetles, Europe]

Modern-day Dust Bowl emerges in California: @YahooNews:
[drought, water, farming, agriculture]

RT Dana Nuccitelli @dana1981:
A Relentless Rise in Global Sea Level: @skepticscience

While New Zealand glaciers melt, snow AWOL from ski slopes: @coast_reporter:

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Did anyone hear about this largish #climatemarch in NYC in Sept? Perhaps you can help spread the word:

This is climate change: Ohio’s water crisis was human-caused disaster: @Salon:
[pollution, algae]

How ALEC Fronts for Fossil Fuels: @prwatch:

climatehawk1 @climatehawk1 · 17h

Sala Burning: Worst Fire in 40 Years Rages in Sweltering Sweden:

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