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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Climate tweets for 1 August 2014

How climate change, declining food sources can lead to piracy, poverty, strife:
[national security]

Massive hole at end of earth likely caused by methane gas release:
[Siberia, Russia, permafrost]

Bush-Era EPA Administrator Baffles Fox Business: "We Need to Regulate" Carbon: @mmfa:
[Christie Todd Whitman, Stuart Varney, denial]

RT Kate Sheppard @kate_sheppard:
The coal industry has raised the same fears about environmental regulations for 40 years:
[energy, EPA, carbon]

RT TckTckTck @tcktcktck:
Wind power is key to fighting climate change. Learn more about wind with this cool infographic:
[wind energy, energy]

RT @tcktcktck: 
British Columbia's price on carbon has been huge success:  via @TheEconomist 

Wildfires, 'Biomass Burning' Bigger Climate Change Threats Than Thought, Study Says: 
[fire, forests]

.@Politifact: GOP candidate's claim of "global warming hoax" is PantsOnFire:
[Lenar Whitney, denial]

Huge Waves in Arctic Demonstrate Ice Loss—& Aggravate It: @FutureTenseNow:
[sea ice]

Europe Set for Hottest Summer Since 2006 as Warm August Seen: @BloombergNews:
[heat waves]

.@NBCNews Shows How to Report on Economic Costs of Climate Change: @mmfa:

Construction industry preparing for climate change: @StarTribune:

.@Energy Sec. Moniz Predicts Congress Will Tackle Climate Change:
[Ernest Moniz]

Exceptional Drought Blankets 58% of California; Reservoirs Missing Year’s Worth of Water:

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