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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Climate tweets for 26 August 2014

RT Al Gore @algore:
Are you the voice of your generation on climate change? Ask #WhyWhyNot of leaders from across the world. 

'Clean Coal' Ruled False Advertising by UK Regulators: @motherboard:

RT Michael Pollan @michaelpollan:
Save the date, #Sept21. Join the #PeoplesClimate March. To change everything, we need everyone.

Guatemala Declares State of Emergency Due to Drought: @AP @ABC:
[food, farming, agriculture, water]

[Australia, investing, divestment]

Leaked @IPCC report: Impacts of climate change may be “severe, pervasive, irreversible”: @Salon

"Peak Water," Methane Blowholes, Ice-Free Arctic Cruises: Climate Crisis Deepens: @truthout:

Zoomed-In Climate Models Help Alaska Communities Plan for Uncertain Future: @InsideClimate:

Rising sea levels will threaten Beaufort County, group says:
[South Carolina, flooding]

Antarctic Riddle: How Much/Fast Will South Pole Melt?: @ClimateCentral:
[science, glaciers, sea level]

Olive oil prices set to rise sharply after Andalusia drought: @guardian:
[food, farming, agriculture, water, Spain]

Why Nebraska’s ‘Top Climate Denier’ Congressman Could Lose Seat In November: @climateprogress:
[denial, Lee Terry]

RT @dana1981: Athabasca Glacier: a tragic vanishing act:
… via @skepticscience by @andyskuce 
[science, glaciers, sea level, Canada]

When Climate Change Denial Refutes Itself: @PacificStand:  h/t @BruceMaine2

Water as WMD?: In Iraq, Battle for Control of Water: @YaleE360: 

U.S. Govt Auditors: 'Social Cost of Carbon' Is by the Book: @InsideClimate:

RT VICTORIA VICTORY @victoria31416:
Australia Conservationists spread message of hope, not loss:  via @dw_globalideas

RT Suzanne Goldenberg @suzyji:
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Growing, and Growing More Dangerous, Draft of U.N. Report Says:
[IPCC, science]

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