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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Climate tweets for 25 August 2014

Ocean circulation: Why Arctic is affected more than Antarctic by global warming:

Ocean Acidification Threatens Economies, Cultures Around World: @EcoWatch:
[food, fishing]

RT Media Matters @mmfa:
AP profile of Koch bros. leaves out fossil fuel industry ties, $67 million donated to climate change denial groups:
[journalism, Nancy Benac] 

Cutting emissions pays for itself, @MIT study finds: @ScienceDaily:
[science, air pollution, health]

Indian Ocean heatwave offers glimpse into climate change impacts: @physorg_com:
[science, fishing, food]

Preview of climate future?: How California 1% avoid drought impact: @politico:

Inside look at U.S. think tank ALEC's plans to undo climate legislation:  via @torontostar 
[denial, American Legislative Exchange Council]

Historic Wildfires Burn Through Canada As Sub-Arctic Forests Heat Up: @climateprogress: 

RT walthewitt @walthewitt:
New Study Provides More Evidence That Global Warming ‘Pause’ Is A Myth:  via @climateprogress

China Races Ahead of Pack as Bike Sharing Goes Viral: @BloombergNews: 
[transportation, oil]

Editorial: The country’s sinking #climate debate: @WashingtonPost (host of #denier columnists):

Decker Glacier lake at Whistler sign of melt to come: @CBCNews: 
[sea level, Canada, British Columbia]

Unpacking unpaused global warming – climate models got it right|: @dana1981 @guardian: 
[science, denial]

RT Peter Dykstra @pdykstra:
After his tar sands criticism, angry Alberta Govt masses troops on border of @LeoDiCaprio:
[Leonardo DiCaprio]

RT Michael Oppenheimer @ClimateOpp:
Small consolation: Despite CO2, climate change, we may still have coffee -
[science, food, farming, agriculture]

RT DeSmogBlog @DeSmogBlog:
Koch-Tied Roots of Senator Vitter's Green Billionaires Club Environmental Attack Report:
[David Vitter, Kristina Moore, Mercatus Center]

RT habitatthegame @habitatthegame:
@climatehawk1 we have a #kidsapp that teaches kids about climate change. They learn about everyday actions that can save C02, H20 & land

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