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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Climate tweets for 9 September 2014

Republican Party's Secret Stance on Climate Change: @io9: 

How Global Warming Is Already Worsening Extreme Deluges In U.S.: @climateprogress:
[science, flooding]

U.N. Scientists See Largest CO2 Increase In 30 Years: ‘We Are Running Out Of Time’:

Almost Half North American Bird Species Threatened By Climate Change: via @climateprogress
[birds, wildlife]

Mussels don't stick around in acidic ocean water: @TheDailyClimate:
[acidification, oceans, food, fishing]

Why Tax On Carbon Can Help Climate Change - And Economy:
[carbon tax]

Deadly Once-in-1,000-Years Rains Wipe Out Roads in Arizona, Nevada: @mashable:

Heat waves America's deadliest weather disaster. They don't have to be.: @voxdotcom:

Arizona Drought Marches on Despite Record Rain in Phoenix: @NBCNews:
[water, flooding]

By Air, Land & Sea, U.S. Military Going Green to Save Lives, Money: 
[national security]

Climate Change May Drastically Increase Forest Fires in Europe: 

Mosquito-Borne Viruses Hit Japan, U.S.: @nytimes: 
[chikungunya, dengue fever, health]

RT Forecast The Facts @ForecastFacts:
#DisruptDenial in the news! Read Bill Moyers on our campaign to get green companies to drop climate deniers: @SumOfUs

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Climate march by the numbers: 374 buses and trains on their way so far:

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