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Friday, September 12, 2014

Climate tweets for 11 September 2014

6 Reasons U.S. Should Step It Up & Lead on Climate: @HuffPostBlog:

Kate Marvel @DrKateMarvel:
Our grubby little fingerprints: 

Oceans acidifying at fastest rate in 300m years. How bad could it get?: @voxdotcom:
[acidification, fishing]

Report: Rockies' pines, firs lose majority of habitat on current climate path: @ravallirepublic:
[trees, forests]

Blue AND red states going green on #energy policy: @usatoday:

Anger Swells Over Slow Flooding Relief in Kashmir: @WSJIndia:
[India, Pakistan]

MT @robhon: 
Excellent #Greenland Ice Sheet video from Peter Sinclair.
[sea level, glaciers, science, Yale Climate Connections, Jason Box]

Pacific NW climate conf paints mostly gloomy picture: @theolympian:

RT Peter Gleick @PeterGleick:
Yeah, this is what the dry season looks like in California, with a tiny hint of Southwest monsoon:
[drought, water]

RT John Mashey @JohnMashey:
Real science works this way. Zoom from outer space to ground: repeat { click (+), wait}:,-122.084058,23039274m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
[science, denial]

Professional Deceivers: People Who Can Convince You Garbage Man Knows More Science Than @NASA PhD: 
[science, denial]

Matt Ridley Returns w/ Error-Riddled Articles, As Wall Street Journal Discredits Itself:
[science, denial]

Trees Dying From ‘No Obvious Cause’ In Rocky Mountains, Report Says: @climateprogress:

10 birds your grandkids may never see, thx to climate change: @motherjones:

Sorry, red states: You can’t avoid talking about climate change: @readingirl @Salon:
[adaptation, denial]

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