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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Climate tweets for 1 September 2014

Divesting from Fossil Fuels: Last One Out Loses: @REWorld: 
[investing, divestment, risk]

Flooding hits Sweden, Denmark: @AJEnglish:

China to Launch World's Largest Trading Market for Carbon Permits: 

White House Argues Against Considering Climate Change on Energy Projects: @DeSmogBlog:

DeSmogUK Launches to Combat Climate Denial in Europe Ahead of Paris Talks:

Shocker: Australian agency not lying about weather data: @ConversationEDU:
[science, denial]

Big Summer Story You Missed: Soaring Oil Debt: @buildresilience:
[investing, divestment]

Oregon burns through deductible on wildfire insurance policy:

5 reasons NATO needs to worry about climate change: @RTCCclimatenews:
[national security]

Sea level rise in Antarctic gets extra bump from meltwater: via @BusInsiderAU

Climate talks: 5 things to know: @thehill:

No, You Can't Claim Arctic Ice is "Recovering": @BadAstronomer:
[science, denial]

Labor Day 2050: Global Warming & Coming Collapse Of Labor Productivity: via @climateprogress
[heat waves]

Cape Cod's namesake fish population rapidly disappearing: @latimes: 
[oceans, food, fishing]

RT Al Gore @algore:
We’ve reached a turning point in the battle to solve the climate crisis. 24 Hours of Reality: 24 Reasons for Hope

RT Meanwhile in Canada @MeanwhileinCana:
By putting all eggs in one basket, Harper has done more damage to Alberta's future economy than any other PM.
[denial, oil, Stephen Harper]

RT David Spratt @djspratt:
More climate extremes: Sydney's last 12 months (Sept-Aug) warmest on record for average maximum and mean temps.

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