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Monday, September 1, 2014

Climate tweets for 31 August 2014

Drought-Stricken California Makes Historic Move to Regulate Underground Water For 1st Time:
[food, farming, agriculture]

Climate change: Bhutan farms face growing dangers as glaciers melt: @STcom:
[food, Asia, flooding, water]

Meaning of Koch Brothers Tapes: 'I Don't Know Where We'd Be Without You': @HuffPostBlog:

Opinion: Americans have moral obligation to tackle climate change now:

Climate Change Ups Odds of Megadrought in SW U.S.: @ClimateCentral:
[drought, water]

Climate Change Has an Outrage Problem: @ericholthaus @motherboard:

World Ocean Temps Spike to +1.26 Positive Anomaly, Antarctic Polar Amplification Ramps Up:

David Hastings: What I didn’t say to (Florida) Gov. Scott about climate change:
[Rick Scott, denial]

Why Republicans won’t back carbon tax: @grist:

Canadian PM's Arctic tour puts unintended spotlight on climate change:
[Stephen Harper, denial]

Warblers, turtle doves join RSPB list of birds at risk of dying out: @guardian:
[United Kingdom, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, birds, wildlife]

Will Climate Change Denialism Help Russian Economy?: @IPSnews:
[oil, natural gas, energy]

MT @ClimateCentral: What global warming could mean for extreme snowfall:

Winged Warnings: Built for survival, birds in trouble from pole to pole: … [wildlife]

.@TomSteyer considers taking on Democratic candidates: @washingtonpost:
[Tom Steyer]

Hot harbinger: Torrid summer a glimpse into region's future: @spokesmanreview:
[Pacific Northwest, Washington]

RT banksy @thereaIbanksy:

RT CitizensClimateLobby @citizensclimate:
Time to push for a price on carbon. Learn how you can help on CCL's intro call.

RT Katharine Hayhoe @KHayhoe: 
Too bad that doesn't translate into being 1st on climate RT @CBCQuirks Canadians' science literacy 1st among 35 countries:

RT Al Gore @algore:
On September 16-17, I'll share 24 reasons why I’m hopeful that we CAN solve the climate crisis. Join me:

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