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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Climate tweets for 2 September 2014

2 secret funders of Nigel Lawson’s climate sceptic org revealed: @guardian:
[United Kingdom, Global Warming Policy Foundation, denial, Institute of Economic Affairs, Neil Record, Nigel Vinson]

Uniting Church's assembly to divest from fossil fuels:
[Australia, religion, faith, investing, divestment]

Mountain Forest Changes Threaten California Water Supplies: @ClimateCentral:
[drought, ecology]

Fire and water: How global warming is making weather more extreme, costing us $: @dana1981: 
[wildfire, drought]

For This Michigan U.S. Senate Candidate, Climate Change Is Jobs Creation Issue: 
[Gary Peters]

.@UN predicts climate hell in 2050 with imagined weather forecasts: @guardian:

Opinion: What is Idaho wilderness in changing world?: 

How @IPCC is sharpening language on climate change: @CarbonBrief: 

Has climate change become business story?: @cjr: 
[journalism, Risky Business]

Problems with Repetitive Flooding Mean Recurring Losses for Inland New Jersey: @NJSpotlight: 

Changing Climate Makes NYC Stormwater Mgmt Harder, Health Risks Greater: @GothamGazette:

Explainer: Facts About Climate Change, Sea Level Rise in New Jersey: @NJSpotlight: 

Water: Battleground of the U.S. West: @DurangoHerald:
[drought, Colorado]

Climate change brings serious risk 2 Pacific: @ONENewsNZ: 
[food, water]

Do NOT buy oceanfront property: The most unreal reality shows: @SarahZielinski @slate:
[sea level, flooding]

RT Al Gore @algore:
You can influence decisions impacting our planet’s future. Start with a question - ask #WhyWhyNot in a video:

RT Media Matters @mmfa:
What George Will hides from his readers: he sits with VIPs and major donors at Koch events:
[Washington Post, journalism, denial]

RT Climate Reality @ClimateReality:
Calling all parents to join the #ClimateParentsChat. (Win a @ClimateReality in a T-shirt too). 9/4 5PM PST:

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