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Friday, September 5, 2014

Climate tweets for 4 September 2014

Carbon stored in world's soils more vulnerable to climate change than expected: @physorg_com: 

Why Sierra Nevada Mountains Are Drying Up: @motherboard:
[science, forests, water, drought]

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann
Texas Judge on #HeartlandInst climate denier #JoeBast's "credibility with the court":
[science, denial, Heartland Institute, Joe Bast]

No More ‘Hiatus’ — Human Emissions to Completely Overwhelm Nature by 2030: robertscribbler:

Some important context on Arctic sea ice melt: @CarbonBrief: h/t @anheepc
[science, denial]

New York to West Virginia: Stop Trying to Kill @EPA Carbon Rule: via @climateprogress 
[air pollution]

Dominion Over Nature: Greenwashg Virginia Utility Is Member of Pro-Pollution Group ALEC: 
[denial, Koch, American Legislative Exchange Council]

Reason in a Dark Time: @hottopicnz:
[science, denial, books]

Emissions from Australia's energy generation jump most in 8 yrs after carbon price axed: 

Study links polar vortex chills to melting Arctic sea ice: @borenbears @AP:

California's 100-year drought: @usatoday: 
[science, food, water, farming, agriculture]

Warming Gulf of Maine imperils lobster, fish catch: @SFGate:
[food, fishing, oceans]

Climate change group aims to turn out 100,000 Iowa voters: @DMRegister: 
[NextGen Climate, Tom Steyer]

"...[M]oving dollars out of fossil fuels is ... powerful demonstration of values." 
[investing, divestment]

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