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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Climate tweets for 9 June 2014

Siberia warming faster than anywhere else in world, warns top Russian geophysicist
[science, Russia]

U.S. Military Bases Brace for Slow-Motion War with Climate Change: @NBCNews
[national security]

Climate imbalance: disparity between quality of research by contrarian & mainstream climate scientists:
[science, denial]

GOP Senate candidates grope for safe position on climate change:

Seas rise, Florida GOP leaders balk at climate change: @BostonGlobe
[sea level, science, denial]

Beetles ravaging Mount Rushmore drain budgets as West warms:,0,466788.story
[forests, trees]

RT Katharine Hayhoe @KHayhoe:
"Unflappable Science Warrior to Lead NASA Climate Lab" - @elikint nails the perfect headline for @ClimateOfGavin
[Gavin Schmidt]

RT Tim Kovach @twkovach:
Wow: Shutting down the entire coal industry would cost fewer jobs than we lost each week during the Great Recession
[carbon, pollution]

RT Sally James @jamesian:
Gotta love the cartoon @xkcdfeed on climate - let's call it "one ice-age unit"

Breaking Climate Silence: One Step at Time: @RiveraSunAuthor 

RT Clara Vondrich @Clara_Vondrich:
Tune in @YearsOfLiving season finale tonight for @tomfriedman's exclusive interview with @BarackObama who "absolutely" wants to go off on deniers

RT Kate Galbraith @KateGalbraith:
.@MyDesert shows how journalism is done: Snowfall-like series on climate changes affecting plants, animals & more

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