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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Climate tweets for 4 June 2014

Arctic Sea Ice Loss Goes Vertical: Area Size of Nevada Gone in 1 Day:

Fossil-fuel reliance puts world on track for 3.6-degree rise in temp: report: @smh 

RT Carbon Tracker @CarbonBubble:
China's planned shift off coal puts $21bn investment at risk, says new CTI report, write @reuters
[investing, divestment, carbon bubble]

RT Renew Comm'ty Power @RenewCP:
Decade by decade it's getting hotter - without pause

Modern ocean acidification is far outpacing ancient upheaval, study suggests: 

Freak Teheran sandstorm kills four, dozens injured: @AlArabiya_Eng 

Why Democrats Have Little to Lose in Taking On Coal Industry: @UpshotNYT

Tickticktick: Lyme disease expands w/ warming climate: EHP

RT Michael E. Mann @MichaelEMann:
"US hottest spots of warming: Northeast, Southwest" by Seth Borenstein (aka @BorenBears) @AP:

RT Moms Clean Air Force @CleanAirMoms:
Don’t forget to TAKE ACTION, tell @EPA you support strong limits on carbon pollution: #ClimateMoms

Paying the price: Climate change denial could risk GOP's future in California: 

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