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Friday, June 6, 2014

Climate tweets for 5 June 2014

Record Heat Wave in Northeast Asia: @wunderground

Could Fossil Fuel Execs be Personally Liable for Climate Damages?:

RT Eric Holthaus @EricHolthaus:
Not good, Las Vegas: there hasn't been this little water in June since Hoover Dam was built.
[Nevada, drought]

RT Richard Branson @richardbranson:
#climatechange is no joke - but this hilarious cartoon gets a serious message across perfectly

.@Energy Dept Bombshell: LNG Has No Climate Benefit for Decades, IF EVER*
[natural gas, methane]

El Paso Health Dept declares extreme weather emergency due to heat wave:

The Global Energy Market’s Moment of Truth: @PaulGilding
[investing, divestment, carbon bubble]

Been There, Done That: New @EPA Rule No Big Deal In Colorado 

Winds, Interrupted--El Niño Tearing Hole Through Trades | robertscribbler 

RT Michael Halpern @halpsci:
@MichaelEMann FYI, @NYTimeskrugman on Pielke Jr. and fallacious arguments … ht @GretchenTG
[science, denial]

RT Carbon Tracker @CarbonBubble:
China policies on air pollution and water scarcity crises reducing the attractiveness of coal to meet power demand
[investing, divestment]

RT Eric Holthaus @EricHolthaus:
"I think we're fucked." —@ezraklein 
… The best example of climate change pessimism I've ever read.

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