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Monday, June 9, 2014

Climate tweets for 8 June 2014

MT @Wisco: Shock poll: Even red staters want to save planet 
[public opinion]

India riots sparked by heat wave, power outages:

Ten Cubic Kilometers of Ice Lost From Greenland Glacier in <1 Month
[sea level]

In Northeast U.S., Cap and Trade System Reviled by Republicans ... Works  

7 Reasons America Should Succeed On Global Warming: @climateprogress 

Global Warming Playing Role in Australia’s Record Heat: @ClimateCentral 
[heat waves]

Sierra rises, quakes erupt as California's Central Valley aquifer drained: @SFGate
[water, drought]

RT Michael Oppenheimer @ClimateOpp:
Krugman on climate change rules - War on Coal Already Happened  Job losses began 40 years ago

RT Faun Kime @FaunKime:
Chilling segment on CNN's Fareed Zakaria. President of Kiribati "It's too late for us."
[sea level]

RT Gavin Schmidt @ClimateOfGavin:
Excellent new book: The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change from @standupecon

RT Climate Progress @climateprogress:
'Science is science': Obama embraces a price on carbon, and leaving fossil fuels in the ground 

RT The Climate Group @ClimateGroup:
Solar energy costs the same as electricity generated by coal & gas in Germany, Italy & Mexico

Storms threaten return of floods to England, Wales: @guardian  

Tomorrow on @nprweekend - The intersection of faith and climate with @KHayhoe. via @nataliewins1 #YEARSProject
[Years of Living Dangerously, Katharine Hayhoe, religion]

RT Kelly Rigg @kellyrigg:
ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, BP huge contributors to climate change. Must compensate poor communities. 

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