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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Climate tweets for 18 June 2014

RT David Spratt @djspratt:
Why ignoring climate change is no longer a viable political strategy for conservatives (Bloomberg) … MT @NobleIdeas

How insurance industry sees climate change: @latimes 

Meltdown: Greenland ice melt dramatically exceeds 1981-2010 avg: 
[sea level, glaciers, science]

How Do People Not Believe in Climate Change, and How Can I Become One of Them?: @VICE

Hottest Spring On Record Globally, Reports Japan Meteorological Agency: 

Drought in Syria: a Major Cause of Civil War?: @WUnderground
[water, food, farming, agriculture]

RT ~sk @da3frog:
Al Gore essay in Rolling Stone, June18, 2014: "The Turning Point: New Hope for the #Climate" 

.@ElonMusk Takes on Climate Change with Big Bets on Solar, Battery Tech: @mashable:

RT JPascal van Ypersele @JPvanYpersele:
Al Gore: The most important [policy tool] has long been identified: ...a price on carbon ... MT @cwhope

MT @ClimateNow: Record California Fire Season Drives Climate Change Into News: 
[wildfire, drought, journalism]

Koch-Funded Group Targets Kansas Republicans Who Supported Clean Energy:
[denial, renewable energy, wind energy, wind power]

.@ElizKolbert's "The Sixth Extinction": @hottopicnz 

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