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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Climate tweets for 3 June 2014

Drought Drives Drilling Frenzy in California--for Water: @KQED 
[farming, food, agriculture]

.@IPCC: Millions of words on climate change are not enough: Simple Climate

May Likely to Break Global High Temp Record as El Niño Conditions Strengthen:

Thanks, Climate Change! Llano River 9.5-inch Rain Exemplifies Extreme Weather: 
[flooding, Texas]

#climatedeaths MT @billmckibben: 'Freak heat wave' hospitalizes 1600 in Japan 

Capturing every drop: Kansas city learns to live with drought: @kcstar

RT Alexander Verbeek @Alex_Verbeek:
Here’s How Much U.S. Summers Have Warmed Since 1970

RT ClimateNexusHotNews @ClimateHotNews:
RT @PeterGleick: To those who claim climate rules will destroy economy, here's how that worked out in the past.

@.CitizensLobbyCa sees support ... but where are media?: 
[Citizens' Climate Lobby Canada]

Major Companies Distance Selves From U.S. Chamber Campaign Against Climate Plan
[denial, investing, divestment]

Where is signboard to warn of #climate catastrophe?: @guardian 

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