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Friday, October 10, 2014

Climate tweets for 9 October 2014

‘The Other CO2 Problem’: How Acidic Oceans Will Cost Our Economy Billions:
[acidification, fishing, food]

Catching on: Californians make big cuts in water usage, report says:

Sea Level Rise Making Flooding Routine for U.S. Coastal Cities: @ClimateCentral:

Minister touts evangelicals' role facing climate change: @jaxdotcom:
[faith, religion]

"[I]nvestment in the fossil fuel industry [is] unethical, socially irresponsible ...":
[New Zealand, Presbyterian Church, investing, divestment]

Glasgow University 1st in U.K. to sell its fossil fuel investments: @BBCNews:
[investing, divestment]

California leads on climate change, says 50-state tool: @usatoday:  

Congressman: ‘I Am a Scientist’ & There’s No Evidence of Human-Caused Climate Change:
[science, denial, Dan Benishek, Michigan]

RT Alan Nogee @alannogee:
Yes, yes. RT @tcktcktck: Phasing out coal is cheapest way to emissions reductions and lo-C economy. @climatepolicy: 

RT BulletinOfTheAtomic @BulletinAtomic:
Is it possible to have any fun at all without burning fossil fuels?:

RT Climate Reality @ClimateReality:
Ruffed grouse: This beauty could fly away forever from North Carolina.  @audubonsociety
[wildlife, birds]

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