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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Climate tweets for 3 October 2014

California just entered 4th year of drought: Why things could soon get much worse:
[water, science]

California Faces Record-Breaking October Heat Wave: @climateprogress: 

.@MichaelEMann article in @EcoWatch should be required reading for any journalist writing on climate:
[science, journalism]

No, we should not abandon the 2C target: @drgrist:
[science, denial]

Fact-checking McConnell's views on climate change: @courierjournal:
[Mitch McConnell, Kentucky, coal, denial]

Marathon Walk to Storm City Spotlights Philippines Climate Risks:

Is this the end of autumn as we know it?: @BBCNews:
[science, ecology]

Head of ALEC: ‘I Don’t Know Science’ of Climate Change: via @climateprogress
[American Legislative Exchange Council, Koch, denial]

Trying to Fight Climate Change without Admitting Humans Are to Blame: 
[science, denial]

MT @billmckibben: Amazing full-page ad in @thecrimson from Harvard profs demanding divestment now!

RT Heidi Cullen @HeidiCullen
Sea level rise in Miami: … via @UMiamiRSMAS

RT EcoWatch @EcoWatch:
How Big Coal Makes Us Sick by Mary Anne Hitt: @maryannehitt: … via @EcoWatch @sierraclub @BeyondCoal 
[energy, air pollution, health]

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