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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Climate tweets for 10 October 2014

Acid Oceans Could Deal Heavy Blow to Fishing-Dependent Nations: @IPSnews:
[acidification, food]

Methane ‘Hot Spot’: Huge, But Nothing Compared to Other Methane Sources:

Hundreds of Hunting, Fishing Groups Voice Support for Action on Climate:

Miami Uses Pumps (& lots of $) to Battle Flooding from Sea Level Rise:
[Florida, adaptation]

California drought pushes BC food prices higher (video): @vancouversun: 
[British Columbia, Canada, water, agriculture]

#GenCO2? Pricing Arctic change, for boardrooms & soccer moms alike: @TheDailyClimate:

Few U.S. states preparing for climate change, study says: @neelaeast @latimes:

Global CO2 pricing scheme surfaces ahead of 2015 climate summit: @Euractiv:
[carbon tax]

RT Andrew Freedman @afreedma:
.@capitalweather maybe your comparison of @curryja and @JohnKerry on #climate could note which view most climate scientists agree w/?

RT Anders Hedberg @anheepc:
2057. #NewEngland #ocean #species shifted as much as 200 mi north, @NOAANCDC reports: 

RT ClimateCommunication @ClimateComms:
Wall Street Journal offers a skewed climate perspective from Judith Curry:

The Vast Benefits Of Energy Efficiency: In Shocker, @nytimes Op-Ed Confuses:
[New York Times]

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