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Friday, October 3, 2014

Climate tweets for 2 October 2014

RT Justin Gillis @JustinHGillis:
Yes folks, taps in Calif. are actually running dry. What it's like to live in that situation:
[drought, water] 

2°C Or Not 2°C: Why We Must Not Ditch Scientific Reality in Climate Policy:
[science, denial]

RT Bill McKibben @billmckibben:
Millennials most concerned about #ClimateChange, least likely to vote in the midterm elections. #ActOnClimate now at

MIT: Global Energy Use, CO2 May Double by 2100: @AP @TribLIVE:

Southern France trying to dry out after 10 inches (250mm) of rain in 3 hours:

As Globe Warms, So Does Climate Movement: @toddgitlin @TomDispatch:
[People's Climate March]

.@WSJ needed fresh “don’t bother about climate” face. It found a doozy.
… via @slate
[science, denial, Steven Koonin, Wall Street Journal]

When Can Big Storm or Drought Be Blamed on Climate Change?: @nprnews:

Declare climate change health emergency, says medical journal: @RTCCnews:
[British Medical Journal]

Here’s Who to Blame for Increased U.S. Contribution to Global Warming in 2013:

RT ClimateChangeNForum @ClimateChangeNF:
"We'll just adapt" "The sci is not settled!" "Don't care" & "Leave it 2 God" (@DanPatrick) See scientists' reactions:
[science, denial]

RT D. R. Tucker @DRTucker:
Quark Soup by David Appell: Distinguished Professor Harassed by Fulks, Monckton, Wiese et al:
[science, denial, Gordon Fulks, Christopher Monckton, Chuck Wiese, Jim Karlock, Irving Forbing]

Global warming: a battle for evangelical Christian hearts & minds: @dana1981 @guardian:
[science, denial, faith, religion]

35,000 Walruses Converge On Alaska Beach As Sea Ice Retreats:
[Arctic, wildlife]

Greenland Ice Sheet more vulnerable to climate change than prev thought: @ScienceDaily:
[sea level, glaciers]

RT GYCC @gycc_gycc:
@climatehawk1 plz support the climate change awareness and youth empowerment campaign of GYCC:

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