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Friday, October 17, 2014

Climate tweets for 16 October 2014

This new study explains why fracking won't solve the climate crisis: @MotherJones:
[natural gas, science, energy]

Plants absorb more CO2 than we thought, but ... : @ConversationEDU:

Peru says its glaciers shrank 40% in four decades from climate change: @Reuters:
[sea level, water]

Newly released study vastly underestimates worst-case scenario for sea level rise:

U.S. considers #climatechange plan that would mandate emission cuts: @neelaeast @latimes:

Separating Science of Climate Change from Non-Science of Climate Deniers:

As deaths mount in Nepal disasters, questions about climate change raised: @TorontoStar:

Revealed: the companies doing the most to combat climate change: @cdproject:
[investing, divestment]

Why climate 'uncertainty' is no excuse for doing nothing: @ConversationEDU:
[science, denial]

Can Progressives, Enviros, Scientists Save Capitalism From Pro-Collapse Polluters?:

Why Fossil Fuel Divestment Is Working | Ethics & International Affairs:
[investing, risk]

RT Naomi Oreskes @NaomiOreskes:
The divestment movement is gaining steam. What can it achieve?: … via @grist
[investing, risk]

Will Climate Change Denial Become Political Liability? U.S. Treaty Envoy Thinks So: @insideclimate:

Tell eBay: Don't support climate change denial. Drop ALEC now! #DisruptDenial:
[science, American Legislative Exchange Council]

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