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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Climate tweets for 26 February 2014

@IPCC: Climate Impacts ‘Very Evident, Widespread’ and ‘We Are Not Prepared’ 

Sea level rise: Indonesia risks losing up to 1,500 islands by 2050: @dawn_com 

National Farmers' Union condemns U.K. flooding plans: @BBCNews 

NY State Expects All Utilities to Prep for Climate Change: @ClimateCentral 

As glaciers retreat in North India, rivers shrink, floods grow: @TR_Foundation 

Why Is Great Lakes Ice Nearing Record High, While Arctic Ice Hits Record Low [for Date]?

RT Eric Holthaus ‏@EricHolthaus: ICYMI, a great long read from @alexismadrigal: RT @ClimateDesk: American aqueduct: The great California water saga 

Study: Wind Turbines Much More Durable Than Previously Thought: 

Climate change deniers lose cool: @BadAstronomer @slate 

RT Ceres ‏@CeresNews: @MichaelEMann: FTR [For the record], we support climate science and climate scientists like you. We're bringing the financial community along as best we can.

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